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Updates of Future Past
Monday, December 30 2002
Dick Clark robots are coming to kill you.

Sunday, December 29 2002

Thursday, December 26 2002

Sunday, December 22 2002
Go robo!

Thursday, December 19 2002
Umm... clicka?

Tuesday, December 17 2002
Til all are one!

Monday, December 9 2002

Sunday, December 8, 2002
Android catgirl ass.

Friday, November 29, 2002
Justin Bailey! AND MORE!

Wednesday, November 6, 2002
Digi-inked mastah.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Saturday, October 19, 2002
Digi-inked ass.

Friday, September 6, 2002
S'more Demons breakfast cereal.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Tuesday, May 21, 2002
...and fuck them further still.

Thursday, April 4, 2002
...and fuck them some more.

Saturday, March 2, 2002
Fuck them all.

Thursday, February 28, 2002
Hingemasters! HINGE ON!

Monday, February 25, 2002
It's CRAP!

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
Pencil jamming

Friday, February 15, 2002
Do not open until x-mas under pain of death.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Sunday, January 27, 2002
Go Ghetto Robo!

Friday, January 25, 2002
Mi cabese no es en fuego.

Thursday, January 17, 2002
Cobalt Action Epsilon!

Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Hellhive! AGH!!!

Monday, December 30th, 2002

     I added THE HISTORY OF JIGOKU to the FAQ page. The second anniversary of the current incarnation is coming up soon! January 7th, people! If I don't get an anniversary gift, I'm packing my things and moving in with mother! Actually, why should I expect any kind of gifts just for sticking it out? Anyway, I'm STILL OFFLINE. Ever notice my update notes have become more verbose since I have no other outlet for this kind of rambling? Geh... I also added a PROJECT STATUS PAGE to the FAQ page, and some other historical data. Go get it. Happy fucking new year, too.

Sunday, December 29th, 2002

     I changed the site around some more. I also beefed up the About section into a divided FAQ-style page, and I added a small Anti-Nice subsite. Any pages I scan will be posted there, if not in my ink gallery too. Still offline, of course.

Thursday, December 26th, 2002

     Added some pencil and ink stuff, some more tweaks, and miscellaneous odds and ends. I've been offline for far too long, and it's driving me fucking insane. I also added BAT tutorial stage 4. It's almost done, but I've taken a break on it for now. I still have no idea of what I want to do with the background, and I can't even start to get any ideas much less REFERENCE until I get online again. If I had $150, I'd be back online as of today, but I don't. Fucking Time Warner Cable is staffed by retards. The drooling retard behind the glass said I owed them $235, and I gave them my last hundred. The receipt then said I owed them SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. The fuck?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2002

     Still working on my latest tutorial, which seems to be more of a walkthrough. Battle Android Trooper is in stage 3. As of this update, I'm STILL offline. Offline for a solid month as of now. God, it's killing me. Fucking e-withdrawal. I haven't slept in three days now. Anywho, check the tutorials page. OR DIE IN FLAMES.

Thursday, December 19th, 2002

     Ninomium, my second icon set, has been completed. Pick it up on the miscellaneous page. OR DIE.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

     Added a bunch of crap, and tweaked the site. I added memorial placeholders for all of my CGs and pencil drawings that were lost in the Great Crash. Here's a big version of it. I added my Quake 2 skins too.

Monday, December 09th, 2002

     Added another pencil work. A sketch from 1997 or so. Updated my profile... it's almost an autobiography at this point. Check the whole site, really. As of this update, I'm STILL offline. Third update in a row, in under two weeks. You know, if this keeps up, I'll be the most productive internet artist without ever being ONLINE.

Sunday, December 08th, 2002

     New CG. Since I've been offline for nearly a MONTH now, I've been making shit left and right. This offering is the winner of the poll I ran a looong time ago. The winning picture was "catgirl ass", so go get it. I've been adding timetables to all of my new works, which consist of what I was working on or thinking about during a particular session. I've been date marking everything I can remember the date of... Some I can't even pin down to the right YEAR, because all of my CGs' working images excluding Torako, Ghetto Robo, Shredder, and Felicia, are all long gone. Hell, the vast majority of my JPEGS are long gone. I had dozens of CGs and pencil pics that were destroyed in my first HDD failure, and since nobody ever visits my site unless they're looking for pr0n, nobody has any backups.

Friday, November 29th, 2002

     New CG. One of Raven's drawings... one of my favorites, to be precise... I tried to do Samus' amazing rack some justice. It's on the co-op page. Go get it. I also added some old gift art, both from others to me, and from myself to others. They really show their age... Let's just say that all artists involved are MUCH better artists than this update would have you believe. I spellchecked all of the pages since I got Frontpage 2002. HAH. Frontpage says Frontpage is spelled wrong. Comedy diamonds. This update probably won't even get posted within a week of its date... Bohze moi...

Wednesday, November 06th, 2002

     I digi-inked and repaired CG011, aka Master Shredder. Looks much better. Go get it.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

     I finally got a decent forum installed. Swear all you want! Dis organized religion! THE FORUM IS 100% NAZI FREE!!!!!!

Saturday, October 19th, 2002

     I digi-inked and repaired CG010, aka Felicia's crouching fierce kick. Now her ass looks even better, I think. Go get it!

Friday, September 06th, 2002

     New ink doodle. Go look at it.

Wednesday, July 03rd, 2002

     New link page. H Links. RH Factor is the personality in charge for the time being. Does this mean some H art, or at the very least cheesy eye candies are on the way? Perhaps. I'm feeling "inspired".

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002

     New rant. Fuck Retarded Games. Goddamn electronic muggers.

Thursday, April 4th, 2002

     New rant. Fuck Internet Dickweeds: Part 3. Yep...

Saturday, March 2nd, 2002

     New rant. Fuck Internet Dickweeds: Part 2. If you meet one of the people I've described, please punch them in the face.

Thursday, February 28th, 2002

     Added another pencil work. The preliminary sketches for Sara Lee, including the basic design of the lawn chair hinge of DOOM.

Monday, February 25th, 2002

     Added more pencil works. Fuck Polycunt.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2002

     Added a pile of pencil works. Enjoy, or DIE.

Friday, February 15th, 2002

     Added a present gallery? Anyway, gifts for people, starting with my gift pic of Sara Lee for Raven. What does this mean? I guess it means you should visit his site. Also, it means NEW ART AND CG.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2002

     Added an INK SECTION to my GALLERY. Really old stuff.

Sunday, January 27th, 2002

     Added the CARDS page to the MISC section. Old cards I did. Bleah.

Sunday, January 27th, 2002

     Added a new rant. It's a tale of robots. All of them gay. I should start archiving my updates, too. This page is getting pretty long... Ah well. I have to make it obvious that I update semi-frequently. That's it.

Friday, January 25th, 2002

     WOT?! NEW ART?! Sorry to get your hopes so high. Web-doodle-dealie of a certain robot. Some donkey-raping shiteater erased the pic before I could finish. As I am a genius psychic, I foresaw this and tapped the PRINT SCREEN button right before it happened. Anyway, check the Oekaki section of my gallery.

fskull.png (408 bytes)Thursday, January 17th, 2002

     Cobalt Pulse Rifle skin at HELLHIVE. Go now.

fskull.png (408 bytes)Tuesday, January 1st, 2002

     Got rid of the AvP2 Modification section, replaced it with HELLHIVE, an AvP2-centric sub site. Go now.