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Updates of Future Past


Waha! Ethan's a fag.

DSL? S))RY D))D!


I like 'em Quick and dirty.

Big Chiyo! It's SHOWTIME!

David Banner, I just slashed your tires.

Trick or BRAINSSSS.....

Fuck everybody.

Pencil X and pencil Y intersect to form lattice Z in index X.

Wallpaper section and random tweaks.



Son of a BITCH!

Bork bork B.A.T?

How to digi-ink.

Put something about the B.A.T here.

BAT hates fags.


Le sigh...


Mozilla is attacking the city!







Doki Doki Let's Make a Skin Flick

Raijin! The Adventurer! Raijin! Warrior without Fear!

Fuuuck. Color comic page.

Fuck. Pencil work.

Fucked day, another color comic page.

Fucked day, color comic page.

Oyay ordlay, ivusgay oryay essingsblay andway ornpay.

Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

     Satan Pikmin in the Junk gallery. Merry fucking Christmas.

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

     New four panel shitty cawmic in the ink section. Go get it!

Thursday, November 27th, 2003

     Having a shitty thanksgiving here. Nothing to eat, nothing's open, so I can't even eat out. Not that I can afford to, or get there to do so. Meh. There's some WRONG in the ink gallery. Go find it, but don't ask about it.
     Hey, news flash. A friend brought me some food. I feel better.

Monday, November 17th, 2003

     Added an ink doodle, a shitty 4-panel rush comic. Air Mastah Double X, AKA Maki-Oh. Check it out! It's in the ink gallery.

Sunday, November 16th, 2003

     Added a quick and dirty CG tutorial. Go check it out if you're still having trouble CGing properly. I'm tired of people asking for advice, then promptly ignoring the advice I give them.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2003

     CAST IN THE NAME OF DAI OH, YE NOT GUILTY. Updated the Junk gallery with a CG doodle entitled The Big Chiyo. Man, I need to get back to legit oekaki. Still, it's an update, it's a picture, and it's nucking futs. Get to the junk page in a hurry, or I'll take even longer to draw something else. Post in the board, too. I need more members to chat with! I'm online at least twice a week!
     Still slowly working on the Mitsuko canon picture... I think I have the pose figured out, for the most part. I'm terribly sorry that this won't be an ass pic, but I swear it will be at least nearly as cool as the BAT pic. Internet access should be restored eventually, but in the meantime, I'll be working on lots of crap. Hell, I'm even close to starting a drawing of Prowl that I've been doodling around with for a couple years. I have all the reference I need, but I need to think of a pose. Argh, the fucking pose! Bane of composition! If I could do a better job of thinking of decent poses, I'd have a LOT more work done! Unfortunately, since I'm so antisocial, I can't watch people for ideas. I mean, I can't stand being seen.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

     Updated the Ninomium pack AGAIN, and a new ink drawing! The Tyne Daily beast, and The Incredible Hottie.

Friday, October 17th, 2003

     I still feel really fucked up. Probably because of the fact I have no heat, save what I generate with my metabolic processes. Argh... and even that much is less than desirable, due to the fact that meat, which could generate quite a bit of warmth, not to mention muscle mass, is scarce around here. Meh...
     I salvaged Vaio, so system death is a long way off. I've archived everything of even moderate import, so we won't be having another Great Crash, not that the first was so great to begin with! My scanner is still fucking up, spewing yellow across both sides of color scans now, so I guess it's destined for either the Burnyard or the planet Junkion.
     I added a pencil sketch of a fucking zombie to the pencil page, pd025.jpg to be precise. My hands are always too cold to draw with even a mockery of precision, with no heat and all. Aside from that, my fingers always get freezing cold when I do anything with them, like playing vidgames, using the keyboard and/or mouse of extended periods of time, or even driving. They get stiff and numb, regardless of the outside temperature. >_<! I did a little bit of research, and it's not quite a rare occurrence, but there's no real information on the phenomena. Wearing gloves does seem to help somewhat, but that's a very impractical solution, given the fact that gloves impair the function of your fingers to begin with.

Thursday, October 9th, 2003

     Beh... Feel like shit... but I still have to get rolling. Fixed up index9, and its thumbnail on indices. I also tweaked the Ninomium pack (misc page). I haven't really been in the mood to draw as of late (ever), but maybe I'll produce something soon... maybe for Halloween, but I doubt it, unless something really fucking cool happens before then. Vaio is falling apart at the seams, so I might be without a computer once more, but this time it will be PERMANENT (read: until I get my settlement). Let's see.... I think that's it.
     I would tweak more of the site, but without home internet access, it's a MAJOR pain in the ass bug checking and optimizing. Well, time to head off to the fucking library. I was waiting for a ride to Movie Gallery so I could get a new membership card, and thus rent games and movies so I don't go fucking insane. Of course, when it's MY problem, nobody gives a fuck. Fuck everybody.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

     Added two more pencils. The design sheets for Mitsuko and Chack. I also made a gallery of indices. Meh... Slowly working on that comic, Project Fantasy Bustah (project title only). Urge to draw hampered by cold weather and no external heat sources. Need to get the gas turned back on soon, or I'll have to sleep 16 hours a day to function at all. =_=;; Also fucking sick of cold showers in an equally freezing cold bathroom.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

     I finally figured out what the eighth gallery should be. Wallpaper! I have two decent ones, so that's enough to start with. I guess I need to get hopping on some more soon. I also modified the Pinokia pages so clicking on each page would jump you to the next one. Much more convenient that way. Fixed the busted Battle Android Trooper walkthrough. Thanks for fucking telling me about it. >_<! I swear... Umm, come back soon, and often!

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

     The Battle Android Trooper is as done as it's going to get, so get hopping to the CG section! Don't forget to scroll down a ways and get a gander at Miaka's righteous ass, and Clair's hypnotic breasts. Oldies but goodies the both of them.

Friday, August 22nd, 2003

     Well, I fixed the comp I CG on, so I'm back in business. Fixed the CDR and diskette drives, so I can get stuff off of it to boot! I'm still offline, but at least I can be productive again. MEGA UPDATE: BLAST FROM THE PAST. A very cool young lady hooked me up with some of my old art! Check the art menu NOW, OR I KILL YOU. CLAIR ANDREWS AND HER GRAVITY-DEFYING RACK! MIAKA AND HER FABULOUS ASS! ALL THIS AND MORE, INCLUDING A GIFT PIC!

Thursday, August 14th, 2003

     Page 14 of the B.A.T walkthrough, some thumbnails for the tutorials page, odds and ends too.
     Well, about 20 seconds after my last update, TWC disconnected me. I'm offline once again. This time I can't even upload files via diskettes because the PC I do everything from has a dead disk drive. I have to buy a NIC before I can even think about walking to the library (and possibly getting hit by yet another car). Joy. =_= Let's just hope that this horrible situation leads to some productivity like the last time.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

     Pages 12 and 13 of the B.A.T walkthough.

Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

     I threw a digi-inking tutorial together so I don't have to constantly tell people how to do it.

Monday, August 4th, 2003

     Page 11 of the B.A.T walkthrough added. I'm thinking about doing an oekaki pic in the near future, since I found a board with open access.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

     Added step 10 to the B.A.T walkthrough, lots of links, and a Kamishibai story to the misc page. I signed up at an oekaki/paintchat site so I could be more productive, but those fucking fags won't approve me. I'm better than all of them, so I figure I could just do a Whois on their domain name, and kill whomever pays their bills.

Monday, July 21st, 2003

     Found some of my oldest art on an old backup of my site! AAAAHHH! Check the bottom ends of the CG and Pencil pages in the gallery!
     Also added pages 8 and 9 to the B.A.T

Sunday, July 20th, 2003

     Added a link, updated the B.A.T walkthrough, etcetera.

Saturday, July 19th, 2003

     Moved all of the older updates to the 2003 updates page, added page 6 to the BAT walkthrough, made a new banner, added a link to link page 3. What more do you people want? My internet connection is probably going to get cut off again. After I got hit by a car while riding to the library, I spent the last bit of free cash I had on fixing my bike, then it was stolen! Soon I'll have no way to get online.

Saturday, July 19th, 2003

     Optimized the whole site again, and added some Netscape/Mozilla support since I moved off of IE. I'll still use Frontpage for editing the site though. Composer sucks balls. I AM THE GOD OF FILESIZE!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2003

     Optimized the whole site again, and added some Netscape/Mozilla support since I moved off of IE. I'll still use Frontpage for editing the site though. Composer sucks balls. I AM THE GOD OF FILESIZE!

Sunday, June 29th, 2003

     Finished penciling the B.A.T, and updated its tutorial to page 5.

Tuesday, June 17th, 2003

     Well, I'm back online, but I have absolutely no initiative to draw anything. When I was updating like a fiend, I got one hit a day. Since nobody cares if I draw anything, why the fuck should I?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2003

     Major bad news. Ninomi rejected Windows XP right after I added the last update here. The system hard restarts as soon as the loading XP screen appears. I've tried installing XP on each of my four HDDs, and tried removing other copies of it, but I can't get to the login screen no matter what. Ninomi is essentially comatose, on the brink of death. I'm typing this update on my nameless 386 in DOS Edit... Well, I'm planning on driving out to Microcenter on the 25th, and I'll check some prices on a barebones system, if they have any. Jesus... It just keeps getting better, doesn't it? Technology must be allergic to me. Well, time to wrap this up. In summary, I'm not only stuck offline, I'm also without a functional computer. I can't put anything on or remove anything from the iMac, since it can't be networked with any of my comps that have diskette drives, the 386 is only 20Mhz, and the Performa, Mac LCII, and the Mac Plus are out of the question. This may change if I can install Windows ME over a dead copy of Windows XP, but I already know that's a foolhardy proposition. Not that I want to go back to Windows ME, but what choice do I have now? Well, like I mentioned, the barebones system might help. XP seems to be rejecting the core hardware of my system, not the peripherals or expansion cards.

Friday, January 22nd, 2003

     Cumulative update notes. I have TWO new CGs (deformed pics of Mitsuko and Kabutori), I've changed most of the gallery section icons, I updated Mitsuko's profile page, and I added the warning pages where they needed to be placed. Yay. I also added two gift pics that Locke sent me in 1999. Of course, this update is being typed while I'm STILL STUCK OFFLINE, so it's not like it matters if I add three more between now and when I can actually upload the updated material to the server.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

     Jesus... Well, thanks to the WinXP reinstall and no internet access, almost nothing on my comp works. I can't use Japanese in PSP, I can't scan anything, no games work right (if they even work at all), and because I'm still offline, all of the crap I patched into XP when I first installed it is gone, and I really miss it. Barf! Well, I added a page for my banners, because Jigoku just wouldn't be Jigoku without a banner page. I extracted two banners from HG014, one of which you'll find currently embedded on the upper right part of this page. Don't ask. You might be asking how on earth I have PNG images with 8 bit transparency embedded on the site... Check the forum. I made a post about it. I'm not sure what this method of PNG embedding does in browsers other than IE 5.5+, so if something doesn't look right, let me know. I check my email every time I manage to get a ride to the library. Too bad my Civic is still inert... Fuck! Anyway, Jigoku's 2nd anniversary on Studio Zoe is coming up on the 17th! I'm not expecting anyone to notice, but I can dream.
     For those of you just joining us, I've been working my ass off since I lost internet access. 1 original CG, 1 co-op CG, 1 H CG, a fistful of pencil drawings, half of a tutorial on my entire drawing process, a whole tutorial on my skin process, a shitload of new HTML pages, 4 colored pages of Pinokia, and I added all of my existing H works! What more can I do? I've been working harder on this site than 90% of the people I link to (the other 10% are high-powered arting mutants incapable of producing fewer than 10 complete CGs a day or some shit), yet I get fewer hits NOW than I did all of last year when I did practically nothing! Post in my board! You don't HAVE to register to post there, but I'd like it if you did. Let me know what you think of the site. If I got any sort of praise, I'd be a hell of a lot more productive. Right now nobody says shit unless I post my new stuff on THEIR sites. Come on, people...

Monday, January 13th, 2003

     This is the update most of you have been waiting for, I guess. NEW H CG. Kabutori, minus her Met armor. Maybe I shouldn't have made an H pic of the character created specifically for use on a warning page. You know, if you're under the age of 18 please go back, etcetera. Well, when I make the warning page, I'll black out the good parts. NOT ON THE CG, on the smaller pic I'm going to make from the working image. Actually, I think I'll just doodle up an SD pic of her. It would be much more appropriate for anyone who browses from public or family computers... I mean, what good is a warning pic that has MASSIVE BREASTS filling 80% of the screen? Anyway, the major selling point on this pic is the body. I also finished off the second skin tutorial, since it was made using this pic as a guide. You should know the layout of the site well enough to find the new stuff by now. Oh yeah, I also located that shitty Ibuki pic I mentioned in a previous update. The Misato pic is still MIA, and I certainly don't miss it.
     Mother FUCK today has been a bad day for Ninomi. Right after I saved the JPEG of the Kabutori pic, I shut her down and took a short nap. I woke up a few hours later, started her up, and got a black screen staring me in the face. After a few dozen reboot attempts, I managed to get back into Windows. I tried archiving my site, just in case, and the system froze. Reboot. Nothing. Fuck! Reinstall Windows XP. It installed on my fucking E DRIVE, instead of over top of my C drive installation. Reinstall again. I started moving my backups back onto the system and restoring my settings, and every time I accessed Jigoku's directory, the system would freeze. Repeat this for about 40 minutes until I discovered that FRONTPAGE had corrupted a PNG file. THIS ONE to be precise. Every time Windows tried to access it, the system would freeze. I killed it from a dos prompt and replaced it with an old backup copy. Problem solved, but since I forgot I DON'T HAVE INTERNET ACCESS, I don't have drivers for either of my scanners, so no new art for a while, or at least until I have access to a CD burner. Basically, because of Frontpage fucking one small image, Ninomi almost bought the big one.

Saturday, January 11th, 2003

     Man, that Conan update was a motherfucker. Doing another one would just kinda suck. Hehe... Well, this time around I have: the start of SKIN TUTORIAL PART 2. Yeah. The Kabutori CG is ripe for that... but it's kinda H, so keep out if you're not allowed to look at that stuff. There are a few tweaks here and there all around the site, mostly image tweaks and some stuff on the misc page. I mean, it's not like this update would even be remotely cool if I did this update Conan style. Yeah, I can't even imagine how it would go. Well, yeah, I can. Badly. Anyway, love my site, or I'll fucking kill you, alright? I've been drawing, making stuff, cleaning everything up, and I even searched the nightmarish bog of a storage room I call my sleeping quarters. I found the inks for the Wood Man, Heat Man, and Metal Man pics, and the preliminary sketches of the Heat Man pic. They were in a plastic bag in a box full of Commodore 64s. O_o? I'll scan all that junk when I get around to rearranging my gallery. I'm working on some little icons for each section, and some smaller icons for each particular image, linking to any related image it may have. Like links to the ink and pencils for a particular CG. Umm. Okay, I know this is boring. I'll see what I can do. About another weirdass update, that is. The Conan thing was kind of on a whim, after I read Conan the Triumphant or some such shit. You know, every Jordan novel is the same. PROLOGUE: Some shit starts goin' down! Introduce evil wizard/priestess/drugstore clerk, who seeks to revive/release ancient evil! CHAPTER 1: Conan appears, and does some badass shit! EARLY CHAPTERS: Introduce big-titted badass bitch who doesn't particularly like/is fucking wet for Conan, introduce secondary big-titted bitch, possibly tertiary, introduce Conan's lifelong friends (who change every few books). MIDDLE CHAPTERS: Conan performs good deed of the day by saving a kitten/feeding the homeless/rescuing an orphan/throwing an old lady across a busy street. Conan gets his freak on with at least two of the aforementioned big-titted bitches, who may or may not be jealous of each other. NO LESBO FREAKING, SORRY GENTLEMEN. FINAL CHAPTERS: Bitches are kidnapped, stripped, and offered to MONSTER OF THE WEEK! Conan saves the bitches, slays the monster, and the wizard/sorceress/drugstore clerk who unleashed the monster meets a fitting end, usually via the MONSTER OF THE WEEK. EPILOGUE: Bitches bid a fond farewell to the best dicking they'll ever have, and Conan and possibly pals ride off into the sunset.
     Hey, I could write a Conan novel. I don't think I will, actually. A lot of them read like fanfics, minus the MASTURBATORY SELF INSERTION, page long greetings to all the author's loser friends who aren't even e-cool, and the laughably clumsy erotic prose. What was the topic? Oh, yeah. I updated the site a little, I'm working on a CG of the H variety (not very hardcore, sorry), and I'll try to make every update weird, over the top, funny (I suck at teh funnie), or just something readable. I think I nailed the landing on that last part with this update.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2003

     "Jesus, yet another day in the bowels of the deepest pits of Darketo's domain. Curse the eyes of all who would stand in the path to my entertainment! A trivial diversion, my CGing, has produced yet another shoddily-hued page of the legend of Pinokia. Page 4, to be precise." The lack of readily available diversions in this city forsaken by even the most minor of gods earned more of his ire every moment he spent within its hateful borders. "Umm... I spent today reading Conan novels. Can you tell? Daily updates for a week thus far!" Raijin growled through clenched teeth. There was much irony in that his boredom was directly proportional to his productivity. "Five silvers to whosoever brings me a means with which I might be entertained, be it internet access or mere games, and a night with my finest doxy if you're quick about it! Come now, you'll not find better coin and pleasure for such a simple task! Now off with you!"
     As the hall cleared, a troubled frown crept to Raijin's face. What possible entertainment could such a band of brigands bring? No doubt some fool would mock him with crude pornography, and they would suffer greatly in the torture pits for such disrespect. Diz-Ni will no doubt take delight in devouring their souls. Torako would be incensed to discover her body was being offered up as a prize in return for trivial diversions, but what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her... badly. Erlik have her, she was always playing hide and go get it with whatever man, woman, or even mechanical construct caught her eye any other day of the week. Why should now be any different? 'Twasn't the time to ponder the mind of a woman, mechanical or otherwise though. Conan of the O'Brian house was soon to be on, and his self-deprecating antics always proved to be amusing, if only for a short time.
     Mitsuko watched the crowd of fun-hunters disperse into the night, seeking trivialities for Raijin. "Jizass Christ," she muttered to herself. "Is that man never amused? What a joyless soul I find myself in the employ of." Her thoughts quickly turned to more serious matters. It had been many summers since Raijin had painted a portrait of her, and the public was fast forgetting what she looked like. Too many. An overwhelming sense of dread filled her. Mitsuko silently unsheathed her sword. Another e-tard
skulked about the property, headed in the general direction of Raijin's throne room, no doubt intent on demanding some insipid pr0n of some pathetic anime character. Mitsuko was swiftly upon him, and removed his head with the first silent strike. She cleaned her blade on the corpse's tattered robe. It had been a while since this one had bathed, Mitsuko noted, unless a fool sorcerer had worked some black majicks on a previously dead body. "Darketo take these accursed e-tards! They're hardly a match for even the most foppish noble's blade! I fear I my skills shall dull if I don't find some real competition!" She spat on the severed head contemptuously. This was hardly the way to reclaim the prestige and honor she had once reveled in. What glad times those were. Servants catered to Mitsuko's every whim, and cooks from the east prepared new and tantalizing dishes each day. The calling of the birds gradually caught her attention. It would be morning soon. For some reason, the e-tards seemed to fear the sun's light. A blessing and a curse simultaneously. On one hand, the e-tards would make no further attempts to trouble Raijin, but on the other, Mitsuko's boredom level increased greatly.

Monday, January 6th, 2003

     Ugh.... Pinokia page 3 has been colored.

Sunday, January 5th, 2003

     Today wasn't much better. Added a preliminary sketch to the pencil section.

Saturday, January 4th, 2003

     Spent all day busting my ass doing heavy lifting and other strenuous tasks. Damn... Well, I got another page of Pinokia colored... page 2 to be specific. It's already plugged in... so... Bleah. Mother fuck...

Thursday, January 2nd, 2003

     I had a really, really bad day today. Christ... Definitely a 9 out of 10 on the shitty day scale, with 8 being suicide justification. Not that the shit that happened had much to do with me personally, so don't think for a moment I'm back in my self-destructive bender that was my entirety in 1999. Nothing at all went right today. Damn... well... let's see.
     I finished coloring page 1 of Pinokia (see the Mangage page), and I fixed the linework and text up. I don't have access to higher resolution images than the ones in the mangage section, since my originals are who knows where. I should ask Kendra if she still has any, because I believe I sent her two of the comics that are in the Mangage section. Fuck... well, I think that's it for today.
     I've been offline since November 22nd, and it's really pissing me off. I can't stand not having access to the entire WORLD for this long. I have nothing in terms of entertainment to keep me busy offline. No new comics, movies, anime, cartoons (no cable = nothing to watch), no documentaries, no magazines, nothing. Because of today's shitstorm, I have no idea when I can get my cable reconnected. The reason the updates have become considerably more verbose as of late is because I can't post on my forum, or chat in IRC, so I have no way to vent.

Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

     All of last year's updates have been put in the 2002 update archive, available to the left. I would have waited until February to move them, but nobody visits my site anyway. Even if I had waited until February to clean this page up, nobody would have seen December's updates anyway. What do you people want? I bust my ass to make this site worth looking at, and for what?
     This update is special. Special as in RETARDED. I added ALL of my old H works. This isn't necessarily a good thing, guys. They're primitive even by lax standards. Some may have some potential, but I don't want to hear about them. They've been sorted in chronological order. Two of the images are unavailable to me at the moment, but I should be able to obtain the Street Fighter MAH pic soon. As for the Evangelion MAH picture, don't hold your breath. I'm not even going to try to get it back.
     Jigoku's 2nd anniversary here at Studio Zoe (and also its current style) is coming up in two weeks. January 17th, to be precise. Jigoku is much older than that, but I forget its birthday since all of my diskettes from 1997 and earlier have been lost and/or destroyed. Le sigh. Still, gotta' give me credit for not killing the site these past two years! Well, in summary, check my FAQ page to see what projects I'm working on, and to learn about various things I've done, check the H page for crappy mastur-bait, and check the entire site for odds and ends I may have changed, upgraded, or even recreated. Happy new year, I guess. Now it's time for me to get back to DRAWING. Here's hoping for a stupidly productive year.