Ultra-violent Adventures in a Vulnerable World

     ANTI-NICE. Anti-Nice was an ink-only highschool comic I made during a fit of insanity. It's 4.25 by 5.5 inches, 5 issues long, and I still have all of them locked in a briefcase at the foot of my bed. Well, back in the winter of 1996, I got the bright idea to make a comic after seeing some other people's abomina- err... creations. I took a sheet of office paper, creased it back and forth on both axes, ripped it up, and stapled it together. I spent an hour of my Electronics 2 class drawing the weirdest shit ever put into panels outside of that SNL/Spiderman comic, or the Flaming Carrot story about a certain dead dog that flew around a certain room. Anyway, I digress (rather spectacularly, I might add). Anti-Nice was created. I quickly moved on to issue 2. Issue 2 made the first issue look so bad that I burned it and redrew it. In the process, I eliminated two of the characters that were in issue 1! Nobody will miss D-Mon or Mr. Tuff.
     Issue 2 was just fucking batshit insane. Actually, it doesn't look half bad... BUT I'M NOT SCANNING IT! My pen died on page 3, and page 4 was spent having the characters marvel at how nice the linework became with the new rollerball pen I found. I introduced Kenjuro on page 4. He just appeared in a van Mitsuko was driving for some reason or another. Diz-Ni World is destroyed in a hurry, and suddenly Woodzilla attacks Tokyo. He's summarily defeated, and LeKuma, the French street fighter hijacks the plane our intrepid heroes are taking back home! Kenjuro blows the plane up, everyone falls, and suddenly it's nap time.
     Issue 3 looked better, but sucked more. DIZ-NI APPEARS. DIZ-NI DIES. Actually, Mitsuko fucking falls on him from a mile up. He got better, though. DIZ-NI APPEARS ONCE MORE! DIZ-NI gets his fucking neck snapped. SANTA APPEARS! SANTA DIES!
     Issue 4 introduces Megumi and the goddamn Tooth Fairy. Yeah, that's right. The Tooth Fairy. I appropriated her for my own sinister uses. Anyway, after Ironfist kicks seven shades of shit out of Timmy the Tooth, she pays him a comically massive bag of loot for his corpse. There's more weird shit, more dumb shit, and more death. #4 was supposed to be the final issue, but...
     Issue 5 demanded to be made. Sayoko and a bunch of third-stringers are introduced. The art gets much better, but by this time, the story arcs are so damn stupid the series had to be stopped. Issue 5 was completed on May 22nd, 1997.

Mitsuko Kusanagi
   Megumi Kanzaki
   Sayoko Asagiri
   Torako Nekomusume
   Eric Decker


Issue 2, page 10: Ironfist fighting with Woodzilla
   I seem to remember drawing this in World History class.
Issue 5, pages 7 and 8:
3/4ths of page 7, and 3/4ths of page 8.
   Another World History class page. I had a lot of free time in that class.

Issue 5, page 22:
The inside back cover of issue 5. An ink doodle of Mitsuko.
   I was testing out a new rollerball I was going to use for inking some pencil drawings.