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Art. Many sections. All one. All your base are belong to us.
The main menu for all of my artistic offerings. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me recover my lost works. You've done more for me than you can possibly know, and you have my eternal gratitude.
Mystical CG works from another plane of sucktitude.

Last updated 20030823

  Fuck off.

Last updated 20030113

Ink drawings - インキ絵
Straight-out ink drawings, or inked pencils.

Last updated 20031203

Pencil Pukeage - 鉛筆
Also available are the sketches of CGs past and future.

Last updated 20040727

Cooperation - 協同の美術品
Works I've assisted with in some way. Mostly my CGs of other people's line art.

Last updated 20021129

Oekaki crap - おえかき
Web doodles. It's rare that I get to finish one, though.

Last updated 20051024

Gift art - 贈り物美術品
I'm not worthy.

Last updated 20040905

Presents for others - 美術品プレゼント
You know I spoil you.

Last updated 20020211

Junk gallery - らくがき
Garbage CGs and doodles

Last updated 20040630

Wallpaper - 壁紙
Shit for your desktop

Last updated 20040526

Gallery of Indices
My various index pages

Last updated 20031008

Watch this space.
This space for rent

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