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Get ripped off in
the name of fun!
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as well quit.
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Most Wanted
We'll Kick Your Ass

You'll keep your trap shut if you know what's good for you, see? You didn't see anything! Read more....

Shoot on sight

Anyone who opposes usEveryone who opposes us
Partners in Crime
Organized Religion
The Cops
The Military/Industrial Complex
Your Parents

OBEY! 50MB for your immortal soul and your first born!
It's easier than ever to have your creative dreams stolen! We'll change our rules willy-nilly, and there isn't a thing you can do about it! You're FUCKED! Find out how.

What's happening on Assfuck

You're taking our unbelievable amount of bullshit! Keep it up. Read more...

New ways to fuck you

Assfuck Copyright Transfer -- Lose the rights to all your original work in a flash!
Assfuck Copyright Transfer -- In case you didn't hear us the first time.
Ugly banners and popups -- We call them cool, and you believe us, you drooling simpleton.
Confusion Central -- For those who think they have us figured out. HAH! Maybe the day after never, kid.

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Get Fucked
Get Raped
Get Screwed
Get Ripped Off
Find Bupkis
Add Lame Crap
Buy Gun
Kill Yourself

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Copyright ゥ 2001 NeO Productions. This is a parody, shithead.
Jackass is a epithet that is public domain, and is used by some people as an insult.
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