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     I was at All American Cards and Comics with Prime Op on 20021218, hanging around, talking with some of the customers, and buying books. Image's GI Joe #12 was in the new issues section, and what do I see on the cover? A BAT jacking the Joes up. Even though I'm not terribly fond of GI Joe comic books, I bought this one for reference. A long time ago, I was toying with the idea of doing a BAT pic, because I like doing fanart of characters that nobody else really draws. The idea was... well, you'll see. It's supposed to be slightly funny. Anywho, this was the page I used for doodling while I was at the comic shop. The top half consists of Connex and the head of an evolved Metroid, but the lower half is relevant to this tutorial. I was doodling what I wanted the pic to look like, and this doodle is essentially how I start a picture. A basic stick figure with a head and simple hands and feet. This is more for posing than drawing.
     Start your pic by sketching out important parts, like the pose, or distinguishing characteristics like a decoration unique to the character, facial details, whatever shouldn't be ad-libbed. Well, sketching might be the wrong word. Doodling is more appropriate. Freeform penciling, to feel out the work.