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Dickeater Dan and his cocksucker band, live, in concert!


     I've always hear that #anime was full of faggotry, but I had never gone there until tonight [Tuesday, August 21, 2001, 1:30 AM]. Here's the routine. No mentioning of "dbz" and "sailor moon", but it's okay to talk about downloading Evangelion. Fucking assholes, the lot of them. If they had brain ONE in those huge melons on top of their necks*, they'd realize what fucking ludicrous fools they are and kill themselves. In a perfect world... -_-;;

    Can you believe I got banned for saying "Once, when I was a little kid, I wanted to play the piccolo, but I ran straight out of the pool, into the cooler and the freezer, and my trunks almost fell off." ? I mean, come on. Hehe... What a pack of fagtastic spazmoids. DBZ FOREVAH! S41L4H M00N R0X0RZ!!! W00T!!!

#quote *Thanks to Bill Murray. Ghostbusters 2.