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Fuck him.


Hmm... I love this...

    I can't believe in any gods. It goes against whatever logic there is. If I wrote a book, and called it the bible, and in it I claimed that -I- was the Great and Powerful Oz, who is there to dispute it? The bible says so, so it's true. Circular logic infuriates me. The arguments I got from people on god: "Well, you can't see Australia, so how do you know it exists?"

     I sent a package there, and got a letter back. A letter is more tangible than voices in your head.

     I've been called the antichrist, Satan, a demon, and many other imaginary forms of "evil", and all by gullible sheep. Maybe I am. What if I am? Wouldn't it then be my job to kill them to keep my cover from being blown? 9_9 Man... In this wonderful age of nuclear weapons, legos, giant robots on TV, and a phone in the bathroom, how can anyone possibly believe in a magical invisible old man in the sky that pulled the earth out of his ass, knows what everybody is thinking, and will send them to an eternity of torment if they don't believe he exists. If -I- were omnipotent, I'd make damn sure everybody knew it.