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Fuck him right in the ear.



     Okay, I'll stick to the whole Jesus/Satan/God sector, because I'm not familiar with many other religions. If everyone who doesn't believe in god A, then everyone who believes in gods B through Z is going to HELL. Most every other religion says the same thing. So EVERYBODY is going to hell. As I alluded to before, if I were omnipotent and demanded attention, I'd appear before millions of people in an obvious manner to prove I existed, instead of allowing a bunch of wine-guzzling desert nomads convey my all-important message to the entire world. If some super-being were to appear and magically feed the starving people in bumfuck Egypt, and declare he's the all-powerful holy roller, I'd be inclined to listen. Hearsay doesn't hold much water.

     Reminds me of the telephone game. "I like peppermint candy" becomes "I killed a nun with a razor blade" after it passes through about 50 people. Let's study the word. The bible, that all-encompassing tome of wisdom. If the bible says something, it is the gospel truth. If I made a book, and called it "The New Bible: The Phantom Menace", George Lucas would get mad, but more importantly, who's to say my words aren't truth? My book may be newer, but it's still a bible?

     On the other end, religion is a necessary evil, but it's been more evil than necessary for quite a while, what with the inquisitions, holy wars, and damning of every other faith. If everybody believed there were no afterlife, and no eternal punishment or blessing for your actions, chaos would break out. Maybe. Or maybe law, and the punishment of OBLIVION might serve as something of a deterrent, seeing as there would be no possibility of last minute repenting. As Napoleon said, "Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich." That's pretty much the point for its validation. Keep the masses in line. If it were absolutely proven beyond the shadow of a doubt in your eyes that there were no gods of any sort, would you revert to your baser instincts and start killing and looting, or just refrain from flipping out and acting like it's no big deal?

     I do what I do, not because of any gods or Vanilla Phantoms, but just because I feel like it. I give money to the homeless, I take in stray animals, etcetera, etcetera, not to get into heaven, or stay out of hell, or purgatory, or Utah or whatever. I think that makes me BETTER than followers. I mean, the bible calls people sheep. Go ahead and be sheep if you want to, just be sheep way over there.

     Ah, Creationism versus Evolution. God pulled the world out of his ass, made a dude out of dirt, and cloned him a twin sister out of his rib. Now we're all the inbred offspring of those two? Last I checked, I wasn't genetically similar to EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET. Evolution is like skin cancer. Radiation MAY mess your DNA up, or it just MIGHT make it better. More often worse than better, though. Civilization has all but eliminated evolution, though. Think about it. People live in optimal environments, for the most part, and don't have to chase down their dinner anymore. People don't really need to adapt as a whole anymore.

     Loyalty. In the city I used to live in, there was an accident that got me thinking. Some people were having a youth-group picnic. Three teen-type people went off in a truck to get more plastic silverware, paper plates, etcetera. They were t-boned by some guy doing about a billion and a half MPH. They died slow, painful deaths, the coroner said. NICE! If god existed, don't you think he'd either keep his followers alive, or let them die quickly? It's not too hard for the all powerful ruler of the universe. Why, if I wanted to, I could torture people to death, for the sheer hell of it. I don't want to, though, because one, it's illegal, and 2, it's not in my nature. The funniest part is, being forced into religion made me the way I am, and I'm glad I think for myself, and don't rely on mystical spooks to control my fate. That's my opinion, and interestingly enough, the opinion of many other people like me who manage not to turn into the next Hitler just fine, even though they don't have any deities controlling their actions.