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Fuck them.


Ah, the wonderful internet. Home to terabytes of useless information. Maybe I should kill this rant right now, BUT NO! Here is a list of people who should be, for lack of a more imaginative fate, KILLED.

People who put their MP3 lists online. Who the fuck gives two shits what MP3s you have if you aren't sharing them? All you're doing is clogging search sites with still more useless information!

People who link to sections of their site they haven't even made yet. A lot of sites are guilty of this. If you haven't made the page yet, why did you provide a link to it? Has your host deleted the page? Well put it up somewhere else and link to it THERE! Just don't intentionally link to a 404!

People who charge people for materials they stole. This explains itself.

People who freak out when their art is a site other than their own. Hear me out. If your work is on "Johnny B's Sexy Anime Chicks Site", and he didn't erase your signature on the image, consider it free advertising. Just ask him to link to your site, and it's all good. If it's been modified, and your name/URL has been removed from the image by the site maintainer, report the bastard. Or just shoot them.

People who HTML resize images instead of making genuine thumbnails. You stupid fucks! Bad enough that you steal Photoshop and proclaim it the greatest CG program, but you're too stupid to make thumbnails? Not everyone has a high speed connection. Hell, some that do won't put up with your idiocy.