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Fuck them right in the ear.


You know, a $5000 PSG1 doesn't seem quite so prohibitively expensive when you get down to it. I anticipate the day when my Internet Entrance Exams and Shotgun-Equipped Monitors are commonplace.

Children. I hate them so very much. No intelligence, no couth, no judgment, and by no means the minority of internet dickheads. Too many of them. I vote for sniper-assisted extremely late term abortions. Their parents buy all of their expensive toys and their dual OC3 lines, yet they live to complain about how deprived they are. Being ground into sausage while still alive is too good for them.

People who exist solely on their own message boards. Having a shitty site attached doesn't justify it. Nothing blows my fuses quite like some faux-iconoclastic assmasters dictating their dickheaded dictatorships on the world's slowest chatroom.

People who disagree with my path and my opinions. I'm right. You're not. Accept it or kill yourself. Preferably the latter. I usually won't say something if I'm not positive I'm right, so arguing with me only wastes time. Do you think I would risk looking stupid by not checking my facts beforehand?

Idiots. This is almost a repeat of CHILDREN, but I have to make a distinction somewhere. Idiots are usually children, and always disagree with me. Anyone who disagrees with me is therefore a fucking retard.

Godfags, vegetarians, and other ignorant subhumans. Being eviscerated and deep fried alive is too good for them. The world would be significantly more intelligent without such fools.

Anti-H/Puritan fags. Something of a subclass to the Godfags. I don't need to expound on their crimes.