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Fuck them further still.



Potassium chloride, sodium pentothal, gamma hydroxybutyrate... These are the things dreams are made of.

Pet weddings. I don't think I need to elaborate on this.

Top Nth Sites. Pretty odd how one could have a popular rom/mp3/etcetera site with no working links or any content..

Skunkfuckers. This is a given as I'm a legitimate artist even outside the world of obscure pop culture fanart. Upon judgment, will you be afraid?

Drones. People you wouldn't remember, much less want to know. This covers most of the internet. This means you, SSJ5VashDaStampeed00769XP, and all your kind. Wait a minute, who are you?

Hypocrites. Don't tell me about Jesus if you run Hakim's Crazy Goat Porn Site. I'm getting really tired of you guys...

The Hopelessly Ignorant. These people never check their facts. They can't spell for shit, and don't think they have to. They don't know how to use a search site, nor do they care to learn. They ask for all the help in the world, and forget everything they're shown in twenty minutes.