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Go Mighty Fucktards



     This isn't all-inclusive, if the shoe fits, wear it. The problem with Gaiden was as follows. Suck Lewis' artcock like so many other wannabe artists, or strike Gaiden down as a joke mecha? Kinda like discovering Mister Rogers is a pedophile* to you guys, eh? That dickjaw must be painful. Not that I'm dissing Lewis. He's cool, but he's not my lord and saviour. MMFT certainly isn't a talent contest. That much is blindingly clear. It certainly isn't about originality. CarbonCopy Gayver piloted by Goku beating something that looks like Zoids meets Robotix meets Voltron (without ripping any of them off, I might add) speaks that in columes. I didn't expect my Ghetto Robo to win, really. I drew him like shit, colored him like shit, and slapped his description together during an IRC session about how fucktarded MMFT is. That's all MMFT is worth to me. His terrifying Robocrotch, Nerf Boomerang of Fire, and dread Spinaroony attacks could have easily vaporized the claptrap abominations that are so common around these parts though. Several of the mecha I've seen here are from artists who show talent, but just need some refinement and practice. Those are the kind of artists a monthly art site is for, really. Then you have the adept artists who come here strictly to get their bloated ego stroked. Here's a hint, guys. You'll never get hired to design mecha professionally. Nevah! Finally, the dregs of what little community there is. The fucking con-artists. Hack is too good a word. These people haven't the initiative, talent, or imagination to create anything worth looking at, much less good or original. I believe I've already mentioned one. Maybe that's what Ghetto Robo should have been. Astro Boy with a bucket on his head and a song in his heart. No, that's a joke. What isn't? Super Neo Mega Deathscythe Hell Murder Flying Rage of the Howling Dragon Fang Twisting in the Wind on a Saturday Night. Ripoff? It's an HOMAGE! We're not in Kansas anymore. We're on fucking Bizarro World.