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Fuck you guys and everything you stand for!



     A long time ago, I mean like, 1998, I submitted a GOOD cg of Raziel to PSM (Playstation Magazine, US) before Soul Reaver came out, and those bastards never printed it in the fanart section. In fact, for a year after that, they kept printing badly draw FF7 art.

     About a year later, they had a contest. Get 100% of all the stuff in Crash Team Racing. Beat all the tracks, get all the secrets, that kind of stuff. Then take a picture of your LOAD FILE screen, which shows your percentages for each of your save files. The prize was like, $800 worth of techno stuff. I ran out the day I got the magazine in the mail, bought a Polaroid camera, took a good picture of my TV showing the 100%, and mailed it in to PSM NEXT DAY AIR. They never said who won that particular contest, either.

Fuck PSM. I never buy their shitty magazine anymore. EGM all the way!