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Fuck them with a broken whiskey bottle.


     I want to see the day where the street thugs and drug dealers band together and take out all the cops.

     My former supervisor/friend Briar was at his brother's skate shop in Youngstown one night... The store was closed, and it was just him, his brother and two of their friends. Briar was drinking beer in the back of the store out of a styrofoam cup. The police came in and said (I shit you not) that people were dancing in the shop, and it didn't have a permit to allow people to dance. They took Briar out of the store, and threw him in the back of their cruiser. He told me they didn't ask him his name or age for ten minutes, and never asked what he was drinking. After they found out he was 25, they let him out. A week later, he showed me a ticket they gave him for $75, fining him for an "open container".

     A friend I was buying an AMC Eagle off of had a fun run-in with the police. Brenda's her name. Also bought a 27" color TV off her. But anyway... She was driving home last winter, on the shitty unplowed roads around the town I used to live in. Her car slides into a ditch, but not to where it can't just be pulled out. The police show up to see what's going on. They search her purse, and find the money I paid her for the car. They take it, saying it could be drug money. They also "confiscated" her prescription tranquilizers, and kept her in the station for 8 hours. She told me about it the next day and paid me back the money I gave her, but that put her a few hundred back.

     I used to work from 4PM to midnight every day, and sometimes from 8AM to noon at the same time. When I'd get back from work, I'd order everyone out of my apartment (brother and roommate's friends) and go to sleep. Flash forward a to a few months ago. I get a summons to appear in court for "adult contributing to the delinquency of a minor". Needless to say I'm confused. It turns out that I was legally responsible for what happened in my apartment, whether I knew about it or not, even if it was locked when I left for work. The police report said I was using aliases to commit fraud, and that I had said that I've been to jail before, and it was no big deal. Bullshit! I can't have been to jail before with no criminal record. They told me to shut up, and I stopped just short of saying I was going to kill them. Flash forward a bit more, and they bump the charges down to disorderly conduct. Like they did me a favor? They still lied and ruined my record.

     So remember. EVERYTHING the police say is the gospel truth, according to the state. Don't trust the police, and get everything they say on tape, with at least 3 witnesses. I'm dead serious.

     I've known quite a few drug dealers, KILLERS, and crackheads. None of them have ever cost me anything.... Except that one crackhead who stole my TV... and the other one who sold the PSX stuff I let him borrow... Okay, no drug dealers or murderers have ripped me off. Fuck crackheads. I hope they all die in flames. Whatever. Now I'm very very pissed off. -_-