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"No, Andy don't! Friends to the end, remember?" - "Fuck you, Chuck."

Hey! If you sent me a gift CG a while back, could you please re-mail it to me?

The following is a list of the individuals who will not be killed when my regime comes into power. If you wish to join the protected list, show your appreciation for my having already spared your life with a gift of some sort. I truly appreciate the effort these people have put into the works they've created for me.

Mitsuko, from Divi.
It's not often I get a gift. Thank you very much, again!
A cute pic of Torako playing with a ribbon from Divi.
Thanks mightily!
After Shadow Gear 2 and 3 were released, I sent Locke what I could to help him out. He mailed back a huge package containing most, if not every book he's had printed up to Shadow Gear 3. Along with that treasure trove, he sent another pic of Adrian, this time in colored pencil. Someday I'll have to buy the man a drink.
A long time ago (early 1999), when Locke finished Shadow Gear #1, I knew I had to get a copy. Locke was giving them away, I think, but I insisted on paying for my copy. He sent me Shadow Gear #1, signed, and this piece beautiful piece of ass on heavy paper.
Yet another gift from ziD. Speaking of the destroyed gift CG (mentioned below), here is the lineart.
The legend says that the working image was saved after being merged for a test pic, or something similar. That's a bad thing.
Another gift from ziD. I think there's a theme here...
I was taking a stroll through one of my archives and found this, and the above pic from ziD.
Another kickass gift from Raven, with a little more focus on Jigoku itself than the last one.... heheh.... Well, If you haven't been to Raven's site, go there now. You won't be disappointed.
I really love this. Raven's not only on the protected list, but he'll be helping me kill off the rest of humanity when I take charge!
Moiself, via Raven. Raven is my own personal savior. He has the talent comic online. Need I say more? Visit his site if you aren't already dead on the inside. It just might save you.
If only I could be this dynamic in reality.
A birthday pic from Baka. Found this one buried in one of my old archives. I'll find his site, if he's still online, and add a link.
Yeah, I saw him in IRC a while ago, and asked him to re-send it to me. This cat is pretty elusive nowadays.

Torako, Achika, and Ragnaroki. Three of my now semi-defunct characters. ziD is a CG god. Hit his site here.
Zid was obsessed with some of my characters for who knows what reason a while back. He really is a CG god, and I'm glad I managed to get a pic from him before he hit the big time and forgot everyone. Hehe... He had done a solitary pic of Torako, but like my most recent CG of Torako, the working imaged was destroyed. Maybe she has a cursed ass?
A gift from Jen Chan. Word to the wise. If anybody else were to tell me to "cheer up", I'd kill them. Anyway, visit Jen's site here.
I was in a dismal mood, as usual, and Jen tried to cheer me up. Attempts to make me feel better with gift art seems to work quite well.

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Mitsuko, by Kendra. She's been around since the big bang, and this is one of her older works. Hit her site and check out the newest masterpieces.
I'm not kidding when I say older works. She's always been a damn good artist, but now she's somewhere in the 300 block of Phenomenal Street.