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<LittleRascals> Happy Birthday, Mister Hood, Happy Birthday to ya! </LittleRascals>
I'm not quite sure about the etiquette and regulations of internet gift art, but I think this is how it goes:

Never promise gift art without following up.
Never ask for gift art, at least directly, even in return for a gift art you made.
..and you're not technically supposed to post gifts for other people on your own site, but the people I make them for don't always post them on their sites, so I figure if I post them here, people will say "Hey, if Raijin Z spent that much effort on a gift for someone, their site must really be worth checking out!". I think that last rule can safely be ignored, but the first two are just good manners.

Sara Lee, one of Raven's characters. This gift art is presented to Raven for his consist ability to make me laugh until my lungs hurt. Visit Raven's Dojo and enjoy his artwork and comics, or I'll fucking KILL you.
Seriously. It's not easy getting me to PROMISE anything, much less something that requires EFFORT and TIME to do. Raven's one bad motherfucker.


Oooold gift for Clay, from when he was moving to Japan. Kimura-sensei would have been proud.
Proud of Clay, that is. That's a legendary Clay Doll, by the way.

Prior to 20011105

Really old gift for Josh, for his birthday. I found this one in one of my old archive diskettes. o_o;;
It's most likely from 1998, because it's very similar to my first two H pics, which were done that year. Perhaps early 1999, because it's better than my first two H pics, which were done about a week after I got my first comp, Ragnaroki.

Prior to 20000321

PREHISTORIC gift for Josh, from when his site got 50K hits.
Damn, this is about the oldest existing work of mine. From before I knew how to CG. Originally drawn with a mouse in 256 color mode, on a 486 running Win95, with PSP 4. Now that's old.

Prior to 20011023