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The greatest tragedy of Jigoku.
     In February of 2000, Ragnaroki's solitary hard drive failed, and took dozens of works with it. None of the images were online at the time, and none were backed up due to my not having a CD burner or a working diskette drive at the time. They will be missed, but we must not let their deaths be in vain! The price of data retention is eternal backing up! Not that I could have afforded to buy a CD burner at the time... -_-
     This crash is the reason why many of the items on this site have questionable dates. The Internet Archive, my own memory, and comparative estimation compose some of the approximate dates, while the exactly dated files retained the date of their creation. PNG and PSP files do this, while JPEG files do not. The "prior to" files are files that were on a few CDRs I burned as part of a last ditch backup attempt before Shinomi gave up the ghost. Those files only retained the date they were burned onto the discs.

Ragnaroki - Born October 13th, 1998, died February 14th 2000.
Of course, she's since been reincarnated into Shinomi and then Ninomi in some form or another, and her character hasn't been killed off yet...