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Twilight of the gods!
Workstation designation: Ragnaroki
Primary function: Digital art
Secondary function: Gaming machine
Tertiary function: Video player
Original build: CTX system, unknown typing
DOB: 19981013

Operating system: Windows 98
Processor: AMD K6-2 with 3D Now! 300Mhz
RAM: 32MB PC100
Storage capacity: C(boot):3.2GB
Primary Video: No-name 2MB 2D video card
Peripherals and input: IBM Standard Windows keyboard, no-name 3 button wheel mouse, Umax Astra 1220U florescent scanner
Software: JASC Paintshop Pro 5 (legal)

Photos: CENTER - This is Ragnaroki 3, which is just Ragnaroki after a few internal upgrades.

     Ragnaroki was my first system. One day I received a prepaid Visa in the mail, and I figured it was the perfect time to buy my own computer. I was sick and tired of having to rely on other people to scan my art (most of which was never scanned or returned) and using library computers to color it. I had to bypass the library's security system to do any CGing, to boot! The instant I activated my credit card, I called Damark International and ordered the $800 300Mhz system they had for sale. No monitor, and it was the cheapest system they had for sale. Flash forward to August 199X (?). She arrived via UPS right before I had to go to work, so I hurriedly assembled her and installed windows. Using a borrowed monitor, I gave her a test run that night. Excellent. Soon after, I bought my own monitor and scanner (both of which I still have), and started drawing up a storm. I couldn't afford a CD burner at the time, so that would have to wait.
     Most of my improving came about while using Ragnaroki. I started doing H art, which exponentially increased my skill, and I drew something nearly every week. The beginning of the end came about after I had to reinstall Windows 98 a few times due to it acting up. One morning I booted my system up to see the message every computer user dreads. Operating system not found. Please insert system or boot disk to continue. What the fuck. CMOS. IDE 1: None. What the fuck. Boot diskette. Drive C not found. FUCK. Ragnaroki was dead. I saved the drive until I bought Shinomi, just to see if it could be accessed as a slave drive. No. Everything was gone. This was The Great Crash.
     Ragnaroki has been rebuilt, but needs a new video card, hard drives, and a CDRW drive. Currently, Ragnaroki is in a file of computers I've been working on all spring.