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Insert amusing quotation or paraphrase involving the word "cover".
My index files! I try to go nuts with them by fitting some of my titles and stuff into things I like. I SHOULD just make main.html the index page, but fuck that. I like interesting cover pages on web sites.
Gamecube Boot
I love my G
CN... and the Machine Empire insignia was already hexagonal, so...
Outlaw Star
Based on the title shot from the opening of Outlaw Star. From left to right: Ironfist, Miaka, Mitsuko, Torako, and Ken, all members of Anti-Nice. I would have added Sayoko or Megumi, but ehh...
Flaming kanji may have been done to death, but I hadn't done it yet.
G.I. Joe
A real American hero! I'm something of a G.I. Joe fan, so why not? Hey, what happened to index 06?! </Spaceballs>
The audio clip was a MOTHER FUCKER to get. They're more than meets the eye, they're robots in disguise. Transformers.
Daytona USA
Rooooolling staaaaaaaaart! Nothing can compare to the fun of racing against complete strangers in a bigtime round of Daytona. My local mall had 6 machines linked together. MAD fun.
This one kinda bites the wax tadpole. I may remake it eventually.
Down, R, Up, L, Y, B!
The first cover page index file. Pretty vanilla.