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"What's that?" - "Black blood of the Earth!" - "You mean oil?" - "No, I mean black blood of the earth!"
Ink drawings. This is where anything from Anti-Nice will appear, because it was drawn directly in ink. No pencils! Anyway, Anything I've inked and scanned will be here, if it has any sort of standalone merit. Many of the items here will be pretty old, because now I strictly digi-ink.

Inks for the Sara Lee gift pic for Raven.
I have no idea why I drew the 8. I was probably thinking of 8 Man or something.


S'more Demon.
I was watching Power Rangers Wild Force, waiting for Medabots to come on. A commercial for Oreo O's cereal with marshmallows came on. The marshmallows were anthropomorphosized into fat men with glasses. The discussion went on to point out that obese monsters are not a good way to promote food. I said in my movie, there would be S'more Demon cereal, and went on to describe said demon. Failing at that, I just drew one quickly.


Torako. Note the horrid anatomy, but the fucking badass shoes.
I wouldn't even have this if someone hadn't colored it and posted it on their site.


Arachnotron. Anti-Nice issue 5, Amazing Spider Mecha segment.
ANTI-NICE! Yeah, it's garbage. This is really the BEST part of all of Anti-Nice.


tp006.jpg (2081 bytes) Mitsuko Kusanagi. Anti-Nice issue 5, inside back cover.
Right when I started to learn how to draw people. I sometimes ponder redrawing this pic just for direct comparison. Note that I've -always- gone nuts drawing shoes.