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It's the Legend of Zelda and it's really rad! Those creatures from Gannon are pretty bad!
Links... No site is complete without a decent collection of them. If you see a broken link, please let me know, it would mean much to me.
Friends I've met in that place called "reality"

People I like to call my friends, whom I've met offline.

People who make me laugh

It's not a very easy task. These people deserve medals. Artists whose works are compatible with my strange sense of humor.

Other kickass artists

While I haven't met these people face to face, I enjoy their artworks. Some have returned the links, and I like them all the more for this effort.

Other kickass sites

Not necessarily art sites, but cool sites none the less.

Awesome Japanese artists

People in Japan-land whose art I particularly admire.

Lost and gone forever

People who have neglected their sites, killed them, or even quit the internet entirely. Don't be a stranger.

Umm... Miscellaneous sites

So... here are some non-kid-friendly links.


Want to link to Jigoku? I'd be honored if you did. You'll locate all of my available banners and buttons here. Is there a particular style of banner or button you'd like me to make? Not all of my banners mesh well with every type of site design. You need but ask.