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Mangage... I'm by no means a comic artist, much less a comedian, but a few times over the past few years, I've been compelled to put together some comics. I don't know the first thing about layout, paneling, or line weight. I've never taken any classes or even had any informal training in the creation of comics of any sort. I'm not very good at making up jokes, and I really hate using ones I've already seen or heard. My sense of humor could best be fit into the realm of the absurd. Off the wall, bat-shit crazy. But hey, here goes nothing. Anyway, multipage comics that are NOT Anti-Nice will be posted here as they are created. As of now, the last comic here was done in about late 1997, possibly early to mid 1998.

Oh yeah, the characters in the comics here are played by the cast of Anti-Nice.

Pinokia, for Tang's Classic Tales Retold. Heh... Better than the ones below this.
This is essentially a Pygmalion retelling. A simple and archetypical story ripe for reinterpretation. Dude makes chick, chick comes to life, comedic hijinks ensue. Hell, this formula has nearly been abused into its own genre in anime. A few of my characters and some random stuff appear in this one. Mitsuko and Ironfist are on the next-to-last last page. Anyway, the house, garage, and everything except for the across-the-street area are a house I used to live at when I was property of the United States government. It was hell.
Neo Wizard of Oz, for Tang's Classic Tales Retold. Not as good as the one above, but better then the one below.
Yeah, there are a lot of mistakes, like in all of my comics, but they were all done before I had a computer of my own. There's not much to say about this one, other than it being a stupid retelling of the Wizard of Oz. I was under the impression that the MAXIMUM number of pages for my submission was 4, so I cut two of the planned pages out, as indicated by the Tooth Fairy's announcement.
The Doki Forum Illustrated Travesty. IT'S SHIT!!! AGH!
It truly is shit among shit. This is basically a remake of Anti-Nice 1 and some of 3. Actually, this is MUCH better than
Anti-Nice itself, so you can see yet another reason why Anti-Nice will never be posted on this site.