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I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so. Web/White/Doodle/Paint BBS/board arts.

Oekaki, whiteboard, paintBBS, and all similar online painting programs. Sometimes they're a good way to be productive in a hurry, and a decent way to gain some notoriety if you draw the right thing. I RARELY get hits from my oekaki posts, but then again, I RARELY get hits at all.

We Love Zaku
Done in Shi-Chan's PaintChat. #4chan....


Everybody Loves Halloween
Done in Shi-Painter Pro. Based on a Jack-o'-Lantern design I came up with. Rolling is good.


Torako's taiyaki
Done in iSketch. Only one retard gave me shit while doing this, a record low number. I guess Torako landed her balloon to have some lunch.


Torako's weird dream
Done on the Shi-Chan's PaintBBS up for testing at idlechan. I guess some cute weirdness, for its own sake.


Mitsuko, UNF! Oppai oppai!
Done on the Shi-Chan's PaintBBS up for testing at idlechan. Oppai oppai is a 2chan/2ch whatever meme. Basically, oppai means TIT, and the illustrations are always of a large-ish breasted character waving their arm to, for lack of a better phrase "commence ta' jigglin'".


Megaman, lay off the rapid fire.
MS Paint 5. I do believe this is my first actual drawing of Megaman. Haha....


PaintBBS... Magically bad taste.


Nightmare fuel, 92 octane
iSketch again. Maybe I just don't like drawing.


I'm not dead yet
iSketch again. I would have finished this, but a little queef named Catweb was irritating all of my audience, making them leave.


S'more demon
iSketch again. Goofing around doodling horrors with someone who went by the name RasselTassel. "Why the fuck am I s'mores?!"


Nightmare fuel, 87 octane
iSketch again. Goofing around doodling horrors with someone who went by the name RasselTassel. Feel it staring into your sanity...


Mitsuko, Robot Pilot
iSketch lounge again. Bah, I really fuxxored this one up. If I had been able to do this yesterday... I had the time to finish, but my hand was hurting. Would have taken forever to fix the errors. Apparently everybody hates this pic, so I'll be removing it eventually and renaming all my files to make it appear that this image never existed.


Mitsuko and Red Robo Ironfist
iSketch lounge again, except this time I didn't get to finish. Goddamn fuckheads... May they burn in eternal torment. I had much larger plans for this, but the mob started pissing and moaning before I even finished Ironfist, and I did him FIRST.


Happy little trees
iSketch again. Retards were back in force, so I decided to piss them off even more than usual by making this. Hahaha.... Fuckers.


iSketch was more patient this time around. Meh, I need to stop doing space pics.


iSketch was more patient this time around.


WinME-tan goes ape-shit
Those fags in iSketch wouldn't know cool if it had a memory leak and beat their brains out with a crowbar. Done in iSketch, in a lounge channel. Hardly an original pic, as there are plenty of shots of ME-tan holding a bloody crowbar.


to008.png (734 bytes)

FIRE IT UP! You'd think I was obsessed. I was drawing this over at the GIR doodle-chat dealie, and immediately after I snapped a screenshot (I'm a genius psychic), some assfucking cockeater cleared the image. Enjoy.


to007.png (1811 bytes)Mitsuko Kusanagi. Bleah.
I think this was done during my longest "I hate drawing" stretch.


to006.jpg (2687 bytes)Better than the one below. I love Konami!!!
Sometimes. See the rants page.


to005.jpg (2712 bytes)Speed up!
SD Vic Viper doodle. I like how the letters look like they were actually inked, not CG-doodled.


to001.jpg (4246 bytes)Axel the Red
Before I killed ICQ, people always saw fit to message me while I was working.


Whiteboard chat thingy. Everyone else stopped drawing for a bit, so I went nuts.


Fook you!
I love this image. I made it because I was mad at a certain oekaki program, but now I use this image every time someone pisses me off. Good thing it's only 3.5K, otherwise it would account for most of my bandwidth usage.


Torako. It's crap!
Actually, it's not quite as hideous as I had originally thought. My first web-doodle.