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Magic Pencil Attack!
Pencil drawings, sketches, doodles, and even the occasional scribble. Some of the pencils for my CGs might end up here, along with odds and ends I've penciled out that weren't intended to be colored. I'm not a pencil artist, so you won't see any graphite masterpieces here. Like with my CGs, I lost many of my pencil works when my first hard drive failed. I've added memorial placeholders for them.

I've really got to split this page up somehow. There are thirty-some images stacked vertically. Bohze moi... Well, I've got nothing but time to think about it, since I have no home internet access or even cable TV to distract me, much less inspire me to draw something. Two edged sword, and both edges are serrated. God damn it...

Left hand project
OCAD project. Draw something with your non-dominant hand. That would be my left. Looks like it should be at the bottom of the gallery, eh? Hahaha... I was watching Stargate SG1 while doing this... Meh.


Zombie sketch
I wanted to do a zombie pic for Halloween, but I got tired of trying to work with frozen fingers. I can't do shit if my hands aren't warm. =_=! Pic aborted.


Mitsuko design sheet
I doodled a design sheet for her while trying to figure out what kind of insignia I was going to put on her back. Thus, the Machine Empire insignia was born. I'll eventually get around to drawing the new canon pic of her, but my desire to draw has all but dissipated.


Chack design sheet
I'm planning on redrawing the Naia and Chack pic I did years ago. Did some research for Chack's skeletal structure. He's a bipedal reptilian beast with opposable thumbs, some intelligence, and undying loyalty to his first rider. Created by NeO Biomechanimedical.


I don't know... I think I was trying something different.


Armor doodles for Kabutori.
After I did the Kabutori H pic, I needed to actually make the warning image she was originally intended for, so I doodled out what her new armor should look like. This isn't a pose test, I just needed to se what fit where, and how it looked. Narf.
Preliminary sketch for Kabutori.
I was so bored I designed an adjustable stun gun for... purposes other than rendering enemies immobile. It's not perfect, but then again, I'm not an engineer. The left end was the pose test for the final picture. Of course the final will differ from the test image by some degree, but that's to be expected.


Pencils for CG014, Torako's Ass 2.
Looks different from the CG for some reason...
Old pencil doodle page from 1998.
I was at the Mayfair Laundromat doing a few loads of clothes, and I doodled a page of armor ideas for generic baddies. It got way too complex for what it was, so I gave up.
Doodle from Anime North 2000.
I forget what the discussion was about, but it ended up with me talking about Rob Liefeld's gross anatomy. 64 tooth grimaces, razor-sharp cheekbones, and no ankles... and everyone looks like Cable shitting a brick.
Torako, minus her mega-braid. An old sketch.
I hate drawing portraits. I consider them the easy way out, so none of my CGs will ever be something so cheap. Any idiot can color a head.
Miaka's ass. A doodle done a looong time ago.
I was demonstrating how I draw while at work, and maybe my id took charge. Of course my tech demos never produce anything worth looking at, but this is close.
Dragon Bong Z. An old co-op work.
Prime Op and I did this abomination during a fit of lunacy while he was visiting one day.
Ironfist armor design... from 1997 or possibly earlier. Found this in one of my notebooks that was sealed in a locked briefcase. Heh...
The CG of this was lost in the
Great Crash, but I think considering its age, and almost anachronistic quality, it's earned a permanent place here.
Preliminary sketches for the Sara Lee gift art pic for Raven. Hinge Factor 5.
See, I promised to do a pic for Raven, and if I couldn't find reference pics for a lawnchair hinge, I was going to MAKE ONE.
Just some crap I doodled while sitting in a courtroom FOR NO FUCKING REASON.
I was sitting in the courtroom for no reason. I doodled this crap because I was pissed off, bored, and thirsty.
Sara Lee. For a gift pic for Raven, creator of Sara Lee, proprietor of Raven's Dojo.
This took months upon months to finish, because the internet took my initiative away.
Torako. Quite possibly the oldest art created by me that still exists. Just something cute and stupid. 1997 or 1996... it's all a blur.
Yeah, it's pretty... umm... wiggy.
All the preliminary sketches that went into Fire Man.
I was going to do a totally different pose until I got tired of screwing around.
Doodle of a famous wandering fighter. It's messed up because I drew it while standing. In a dark mall hallway. In Pennsylvania. At 7 in the goddamn morning.
I was waiting for the appliance store to open. My fridge died.
tp006.jpg (2081 bytes)Mitsuko. The most powerful attack ever, with a nod to Halliday.
By no means my best work, but hell, at least you know what Mitsuko looks like now.


tp007.jpg (1864 bytes)Shredder. Soup of the day: Turtle.
Drew this in the local public library.
Super-Freak. Horror. Hair. Hurrah!
Super Saiyans have hella big hair, and so does Freakazoid. Hence the Super-Freak.
Kenjuro. This is pretty good for as old as it is and the quality of pencils I had... Geh...
Colored pencils. A pic of Kenjuro just standing there with his arms crossed, I believe.
Torako. I did this, ripped my left knee totally out of joint. Remember kids, never plant your heel. I hear tell the surgery would cost about $13,000, if I had insurance anyway.
Colored pencils. Torako... the inked version is in the ink section, of course. ink003.png
Megumi. A little test to see if I could do foreshortening... I don't know... Hmm...
Colored pencils. I don't really remember this drawing.
Mitsuko. Kickin' back... I don't like this pic...
Colored pencils. A pic of Mitsuko sitting on the ground. The body was great, but the face looked... wrong.
Naia and Chak. I saw Lost World and wanted to draw a biped reptile...
Colored pencils. This was a kickass pic. Hot chick riding on the back of a bipedal dinosaur, with saddle and bridle, and all the fixins'. Maybe even a side of macaroni and cheese, and a muffin.
Raziel. A sketch I did at a local arcade during the time I was SUPPOSED to have quit drawing. Heh... Well, the CG will put the pencil to shame...
Hah. This one has a memorial slot on the CG page as well, and a rant!
Miaka, Achika, and Torako. Fun fun fun. Cute cute cute.
CB trio taking turns playing OG Gameboy. Or not. Achika is in the zone.
Terminal. The oldest picture I have that I can find. Pure crap.
I think it was an old highschool sketch from before I was interested in anime. o_o;;
This is the first character I ever tried to make in my current style (try ANCIENT)... Mitsuko. The original character design. Wow, what a difference.
I think this was a front-on shot of Mitsuko, who looked older than she does now. Pretty primitive, though.
I was drawing eyes at work, and it went horribly insane.
I remember something about Torako, and an eyeball monster.
Another old pic of Mitsuko. Old. Did I mention it was old? Well, it's old.
I forget.


A sketch I did... It WAS going to be for the MAH... I just got really depressed and quit on it.
I cannot recall.
Ketchup fight and Optimus Prime. 'nuff said!
Mitsuko and Torako having a ketchup fight. Mitsuko fought valiantly with her ketchup pistol, Torako won with her ketchup bazooka. SD, of course.
Torako: Pop singer. Cutesy.