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Is that all you got?!
A long time ago I made Quake 2 skins. There are only a couple gems here, because I was just learning how to make skins for 3D models. The real problem with Quake 2 is the limited palette. There's not only a color depth limit, but the Quake 2 palette sets the colors you can use, period. This can really screw a lot of otherwise good-looking skins up when the Quake 2 palette is applied to them.
Mach Alert for the Red Alert model.
Before the travesty known as Car Robots was released stateside as Robots in Disguise, I made this skin for the Red Alert model. Not too shabby, if you ask me.
Megatron for the Beep and Pager models.
The only Megatron available for Quake 2 that doesn't look like it was shit out of a food processor. Ingame, it looks like a midget Megatron. Kinda funny. It's accurate, though.
Mitsuko for the Alita model.
Now THIS is crap. I rushed through it, and didn't put much effort into the skin at all. I mean, the first version was good, but the palette FUCKED it, so I gave up and spat this one out.
Nightdriver for the Mirage model.
I think this is one of my better Quake 2 skins. Almost complete conversion from the original, if not 100%. I was trying to make a black and purple schemed skin set for my own use, really. The scheme was called CX.
Constructiswindle for the Swindle model.
This is another one of my best skins. I was trying to make a Constructicon-styled skin for Swindle, and I guess it worked. Q2's palette made it difficult, though.
CX Prowl for the Prowl model.
This skin isn't entirely original, but it still looks good ingame. Part of the CX scheme, and I believe it was the second CX skin.
G1 Swindle for the Swindle model.
I made this skin to look like the toy. I think I succeeded.
Vortex toy for the Vortex model.
Not looking for praise here. This is just the toy, scanned and edited so it would look right as a skin. It looks JUST LIKE the toy ingame, since the model was a copy of the toy anyway.
Faketimus Prime for the Soundwave model.
The product of a running gag. I said that the Soundwave model (which looks just like Soundwave should) was a better truck than the Optimus model, so I made Faketimus Prime for it. A crappy skin, for the most part, because it's FAKEtimus. There's a good Optimus skin for Soundwave, and I think it uses a couple pieces of my Faketimus skin (with permission). Anyway, I digress. This looks more like Optimus Prime than the model that calls itself Optimus.
CX Prime for the Optimus model.
The model itself makes me want to puke. I made this skin because this model is NOT Optimus Prime. Kinda themed after Goliath (from Knight Rider) and Motormaster.
CX Sideswipe for the Sideswipe model.
One of the least original skins here, and also the first, I believe. The starter skin of the CX scheme.