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Special Tag Team Finish!
Basically, I take someone else's creation, and color it. Usually with their go-ahead, or on the rare occasion, at their request. I don't take shortcuts in these CGs, nor do I crap out on the gifts I do for people. It's all about respect, people. Anywho, there's a bonus in the fact that I can pull in some good CG practice without wasting my time drawing, inking, cleaning, scanning, and otherwise setting my own art up for coloring!
The O.G. badass vidgame hottie. Raven's the line man for the county in this one. 12 hours and 22 minutes over the span of 3 days.
This one was a long time coming. I asked Raven for a working image of this drawing ages ago so I could color it, but I never got around to doing anything with it until I lost internet access. Idle hands are the devil's tools, so I guess the devil must be a productive artist.

20021129 - Time table

tn_co_padder.jpg (3920 bytes)No title, by Padder. Does it need one?
Padder posted this drawing in IRC one night, and I insisted on coloring it.


tn_co_niceass.jpg (2793 bytes)Nice ass, by Lewis. How could I resist?
I forget how I came across the original, but I gave it some of my best.


tn_co_afspencer.jpg (2577 bytes)Radd Spencer. Bionic Commando. Custom figure by James Beaver, based on Chris Redfield.
I didn't do much on this, other than some subtle editing here and there. Sure, it's a photo, but where else is it going to go?


tn_co_priss.jpg (2472 bytes)Priss, by Mal. This is probably the best coloring I've ever done. ;_; It's one of my oldest coloring jobs, too. O_o
Old description text. It's not my CURRENT best, but it really did hold the title of my best for quite a while. I abandoned the techniques I used to create it for some unknown reason until recently.