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A chick walks by, you wish you could sex her, but you're standing on the wall like you was Poindexter.
Some wallpapers and stuff. Occasionally I'll produce something capable of fitting on a monitor set to 1.333 ratio without looking too stupid. I'm not going to distribute anything I didn't create myself, like cut-paste jobs, because I have fucking integrity. The thumbnails link to 1024x768 JPEGs of the wallpapers, the HI REZ buttons link to 1280x960 PNGs of them, devoid of compression garbage, and still smaller than high-zipped bitmaps.

Cosmic Yoyo 200405
A MEGA-spiffy space wallpaper. My second attempt. Now see what I mean when I said one doesn't need to practice to get better? There's no low resolution image for this. It's not hard to resize anyway. Both links are 1600x1200.


Near Orbit 200307
An ultra-spiffy space wallpaper I put together while following Greg Martin's starfield and planet tutorials. They're for Photoshop, but I used PSP7. Meh, still came out alright, and the folks at Deviant Art seem to like it.


Felicia's crouching fierce kick
It didn't take too much shoehorning to make a wallpaper out of this CG

200105?? / 20021020 / 20021126